Classic Beach Games - Paddle Ball

  Paddle Ball is a beach game that the entire family can enjoy.  Played very similar to tennis or badminton the goal is to simply keep a rally going.  Some enjoy actually drawing out a small court in the sand and playing against one another, while others opt to just see how many time they can hit it back in forth.  Either way is a blast.  A word of warning for those who are competitive, paddle ball is highly addictive and once you start you may not be able to stop!  I have played for hours trying to see how long of a rally we could get going, only to find myself physically exhausted from the non-stop action.  This type of play is obviously more of an adult beach game, but hitting it back and forth only three or four times with a child is just as much fun.  That is why paddle ball is one of the best beach games for all ages.  Pro Kadima is the industry leader for paddle ball sets with theirs starting around $10, but there are many other fun options as well.  Click on the picture to get your set today or visit our Paddle Ball Store by following the link under Game Store.

Cornhole, The Best Beach Game Since Horseshoes

Cornhole, bean bag toss, or whatever you may call it, has quickly become one of the most popular games for beach gatherings and at tailgate parties.  This is a game that the whole family can enjoy.  Cornhole is quite possibly the simplest beach game ever.  Horseshoes and bocce ball are practically rocket science compared to cornhole.  Cornhole sets can vary in size, shape, and color but they are all played the same.  There is one objective and that is to throw the bean bags through the hole.  That is why cornhole is not just an adult beach game, it can be ejoyed by all ages. So grab yourself a set of boxes and a few bean bags and get after it!  Think you can handle that?  If so, please take a minute to visit our Cornhole page to pick out the Cornhole boards and bags of your dreams!

Staying Hydrated on the Beach

Coolers are a must have for all active beach goers.  For some great product reviews and links to beach cooler merchants visit   The best beach coolers on the market can be found here.

An extended session of beach gaming will leave anyone parched.  Especially if you playing adult beach games like beer pong.  Whether you desire a Corona or a bottled water to quench your thirst, it needs to be ice cold.  Visit our Beach Coolers page to the perfect cooler to fit your needs.  No matter which cooler you select do not for get to stock it up with some H20.

Staying hydrated on the beach is serious business, especially for those who enjoy some adult beverages beach side.  It is easy to forget about drinking water while caught up in an intense game of bocce ball or horseshoes, but playing some of the more strenuous beach games can seriously dehydrate you fast.  Try to take a break between beach games and drink a bottle of water.  Staying hydrated will not only protect you from the heat, but it will also give you the endurance you need for a night of bar hoping up and down 30A in SoWal!  Enjoy and drink up.

The Best Beach Game is...

Whatever you and your family enjoy the most!  There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but there is a solution for those of you who have very narrow attention spans.  Get one of everything before you travel to the white sands of the emerald coast.  Pick up a set of bocce balls, horseshoes, paddles, and grab some small plastic buckets and shovels to keep the very young ones occupied for hours.  You might be thinking that these games will take away from your valuable family time, when in fact it does the opposite.  Many of these games are great for bridging generation gaps among siblings and parents.  Do you really enjoy sitting in the same chair reading the same book for seven days strait?  Well, some of you might actually enjoy the thought of that, but what kind of example does this set for your kids?  Yes, reading should be encouraged, but what about living an active lifestyle?  The best thing about beach games is that you are exercising without even knowing it.

Children that stay cooped up inside all day playing xbox and eating bagel bites are facing a head on collision when they reach college.  Parents of children who fit the above definition can go ahead and expect the following in their kids freshmen year of college: weight will almost double, muscle tone is gone, loss of motivation, very little co-ed interaction, bad acne from poor hygiene, etc.  I just described the typical "dorm rat."  This is not a productive way for your child to spend his or her first year of independence.  It just so happens that playing beach games during family vacations can help deter your kids from turning into "dorm rats."  Gaming consoles should be banned on 30a.  People have no business bringing video games to the emerald coast  for entertainment when the white sands of south walton county offer endless free activities.   SoWal has so much more to offer, all you have to do is look.

As a child that grew up in an active family I luckily was never bitten by the xbox, playstation, or nintendo bug.  By subliminally imposing the active lifestyle on your family during vacation, you are actually helping them towards living an active life outside of the home.  I can proudly say that I am in excellent physical shape as a result of my parents keeping me active from an early age. Sitting around the house on a pretty day was allowed, but it meant taking my mothers harassment about "how beautiful a day it was" all day long.  I was usually out of the house by 10:00 a.m. as a result.  This does not mean they kicked me out if the sun was shining.  It means my mother would bug me so much about how nice a day it was that I would finally hop on my bike and leave.  I was never forced to do anything.  Even though I played a minimum of three sports at all times, my choice, there is still some dead time during summer that you will have to battle an xbox to win.  Until they come out with "Wall Street" for xbox I will continue to think it is garbage.

Competition is a good thing.  Boys who lack a competitive edge are missing something in their life.  Not everyone can be a winner at everything, but no male should ever be satisfied with losing at anything.  Challenges are abundant on vacation, as they are in life.  By strengthening your child's will to win in bocce ball, horseshoes, volleyball, fishing, etc. they will strive to succeed in relationships and their career later on in life.  Do yourself a favor and order some games before you head to 30a or any other beach.  A family that plays together stays together.